Minerals are vital to the human body for brain activity, physical performance, and mental well-being. And it’s mineral water that sustains us with these essential substances for our proper development.

Moreover, as a lightly mineralized water with a balanced content of all important substances, you can make Korunní your main daily water source.

mineral water

Pure, smooth and refreshing. Make Korunní mineral water your daily drink of choice!

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mineral water

Jumpstart your life with a combination of health and freshness. Let's make every day a drop better!

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About Water

Spring water

Similar to mineral water, spring water also comes from underground sources, but they are shallower and less strictly monitored.

Spring water can undergo treatment, such as iron or sulfur removal, filtration, or infusion with ozone-enhanced air. But it can’t be treated with chemicals. Only carbon dioxide can be added.

Mineral water

Mineral water comes from dozens or even hundreds of meters underground where pollutants created by human and agricultural activity can’t reach it. Moreover, no chemical treatment is allowed, so mineral water only contains what it was endowed with by Mother Nature.

Groundwater sources are strictly protected, and their quality is regularly and thoroughly checked. Mineral water must be bottled at its source. Its composition should be displayed on the label, so that you always know exactly what you’re drinking.

Tap water

Even though tap water is usually drawn from protected surface water reservoirs or upper course rivers, it comes into contact with waste, chemicals and other impurities related to human activity.

To become drinkable, it must undergo thorough mechanical and, more importantly, chemical purification, most often using chlorine which may be hazardous to some of us. Moreover, even after purification, some bacteria may still remain.

If you want to enjoy the flavors of your favorite wine to the fullest, you need the right water. Lightly mineralized Korunní has precisely the perfect combination of properties to enhance all of wine's features.

That’s why Korunní is recommended by Czech sommeliers as a fitting water to be paired with wine.

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Why do we need minerals?

Magnesium (Mg) 24.3 mg/l

is important for the normal functioning of our nerves and muscles. It relaxes tissues and organs and helps relieve muscle tension in case of back or neck pain. It boosts immunity and helps prevent kidney stones and heart diseases. Magnesium and calcium intake must be kept in balance. Therefore, Korunní mineral water contains their optimal ratio of 1 (Mg) : 2 (Ca).

Calcium (Ca) 68.4 mg/l

is vital for the healthy development of our bones and teeth. It also promotes regular transmissions between nerve cells and plays an important role in the formation of digestive enzymes and metabolic hormones. Optimal calcium intake enhances the absorption of magnesium and vice versa. Therefore, Korunní mineral water contains their optimal ratio of 2 (Ca) : 1 (Mg).

Sodium (Na) 74.7 mg/l

is essential for the production of red blood cells and hydrochloric acid that aids digestion in our stomach. It stimulates kidney activity, and its lack can cause dehydration. But excess sodium isn’t healthy either. Therefore, Korunní has a balanced sodium content, so you can drink it every day.

Potassium (K) 17.5 mg/l

maintains the right fluid balance in our body together with sodium. It has a beneficial impact on blood pressure, heartbeat, and nerve activity. Since it’s also crucial for muscle activity, it’s especially important to athletes.

Total dissolved solids (TDS) content in Korunní: 493 mg/l

Based on its mineral content, mineral water can be classified as lightly, moderately, or highly mineralized.

Since it falls under the lightly mineralized category, Korunní is a suitable choice for daily water consumption.

Fluorine (F) 0.61 mg/l

is an important component of bone formation and also contributes, among other things, to tooth decay prevention. It also promotes the production of the necessary organic compounds in our kidneys.

The story of mineral water

1 Korunní was created by nature

Korunní mineral water draws its unique mineral blend from the geological formation of the Doupov Mountains. Slowly seeping its way down to bedrock, each drop is thoroughly purified and enriched with minerals.

2 Korunní was formed over time

From the moment it falls to the ground in the Doupov Mountains, it takes years for a single raindrop or a snowflake to transform into mineral water as it is filtered through mineral-rich layers of rock.

3 Korunní was made complete by experience

We have been tending to our source for over 140 years. Korunní was popular in Austria-Hungary as well as during the First Czechoslovak Republic. Even today we keep investing in new technologies to provide you with mineral water of the highest quality.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Each company's starting point should be an awareness of the importance of its customers, because they are its driving force. And this is how we see it, too! We know that since we handle mineral water our consumers want to know as much about it as possible.

Therefore, everyone who gets in touch with us is met with responsive and timely communication. We know Korunní very well. And you can get to know it, too!

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Water intake

Many of us tend to underestimate the importance of water. And those who deny its importance, keep underestimating it even today. Yet respecting water intake rules is quite simple.

  • Drink at least 2.5 liters of fluids per day.
  • Don’t wait till you’re thirsty! Thirst means you’re already mildly dehydrated.
  • Start your day with a glass of mineral water and try to drink regularly throughout the day.
  • Rising temperatures and physical activity may increase our fluid intake needs up to five liters per day.